Analysis of algorithm

Every algorithm must be verified while designing it and its accuracy must be estimated, this is obtained by evaluating the ...Read More

QA : Question answer raaabnits

ask and answer | learn and let learn- you are also part of this online community. you can ask your ...Read More
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do you know? Wireless power transfer was discovered by Nikola Tesla 1.5 century ago!

Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest minds ever on the earth, a Serbian-American physicist engineer and inventor, famous for his ...Read More

Marble Caves, Patagonia

Water has eroded calcium carbonate cliffs to form a beautiful and unusual cave system in Chile Chico, Aysén, Chile. It ...Read More

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia one of the most beautiful places in the world

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia, captured by パワーおやじ We are talking about the most beautiful places, the natural world has offered ...Read More

পাইথনের ভূমিকা

পাইথন হ'ল একটি সাধারণ-উদ্দেশ্যমূলক ব্যাখ্যা, ইন্টারেক্টিভ, অবজেক্ট-ওরিয়েন্টেড এবং উচ্চ-স্তরের প্রোগ্রামিং ভাষা এটি 1985- 1990 এর মধ্যে গুইডো ভ্যান রসম তৈরি ...Read More