A Small estimation for next 4 months covid waves in different parts of the world

On the basis of the data available in worldmeters.info I have generated a summary on near future covid19 waves in different parts of the world. In my estimation, I found that Russia, Turkey, UK, and Italy are already in another wave and assumed to be peaked in the month of Nov,21-Jan,22, Ukraine, France, and Poland and neighbors are likely to be hit in Dec-Feb. India and US seem to have another wave in the month of Jan-Mar,22 iff proper precautions are not taken.

How much is this estimation gonna be correct? That’s I don’t even know but many of my near future predictions based on correct data provided were correct more that 81% of the time. For Covid19, these predictions may fail iff those countries take proper action to prevent citizens from getting affected, and that is what I am solely praying for.

What next I am doing? I will be creating a time-based graph on the world map to better understand the covid19 infection waves. and obviously spreading the awareness.

Why more awareness even after 2 years of the first emergence? Well, in many parts of the world, people are disagreeing to take vaccinations, disobeying covid19 safety protocols like wearing masks, using sanitizer, washing exposed parts of the body on a regular basis.

Stay healthy, be safe.

** Note: This post is just a personal opinion, doesn’t intend to hurt the sentiment or interest of any country or group.

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