How do I consider a smartphone worth buying?

First I would like to declare that ‘it is not a paid post of any type’, solely written to help people understand, how should they choose a smartphone while buying one. The view, I shared here, is completely from my perspective, different people may have different choices.

Well, let me tell you something, a few days ago a friend of mine bought a brand new smartphone that belongs to a higher price range. I’m quite happy about it. After all, I can have one more hands-on experience.

me: where is your phone?

he: here it is

me: let me open the camera > video recording & slow motion

he: sure

Okay, you are probably thinking. why ‘video & slow motion’? right?

The answer is Processor performance. In the case of smartphones, the processor plays a key role to be lag-free, snappy and video resolution, fps, and quality the manufacturer provides can tell us about the processor performance. I usually prefer a smartphone that can record 4k60fps and above. but 4k30fps is also good. You may have noticed that smartphones with snapdragon 8xx (for example sd845, sd888, etc) usually have 4k60fps+ capability. 4k is the size of each frame in a video, 60fps is 60 frames per second, that’s a huge amount of data to be processed in real-time by the processor to be capable of recording.

Why processor performance is so important?

Everything you do on your smartphone or PC is executed either on CPU or GPU, and both of them are processors, the fast the processor the fast the execution of the app or software, the better the user experience. In most cases, it is more helpful than other features available. For example

  • Gaming
  • Realtime streaming including video calls
  • AI Machine learning applications
  • Video processing incuding
    • high quality video recording
    • high quality video editing
  • Heavy processing applications
  • and many more. I mean everything else

The second thing to consider is the battery, Without a good battery pack inside, your phone is just a piece of metal-nonmetal-alloy shit, nothing better than a brick. Make sure that it has enough capacity to fulfill your need. if you wanna charge every 12-15 hours, probably 4k-5k mAh is enough, though vary from processor to processor.

As a photography enthusiast, I usually check camera quality and performance, whether they support advanced camera API like camera2.0 API or not, etc.

What really does not bother me at all is look, brand, the back panel is glass or shit, whether 4G or 5G, whether it has FM or not LOL.

Let me know in the comment section if you find this helpful. Every comment will keep me motivated.

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