I just want to search for an entry in a NEO4J database, using more than one search clause. In other words, I have stored couple of person with some fields like name, surname, age, address etc. and I want search for a person whose name and surname match with the ones I passed inside the query.

I have tried this simple query:

MATCH (n:Person) WHERE n.name="Paul" AND n.surname="Pierce" RETURN n.name as name

but I got the message

"No changes, no records"

I have tried also:

MATCH (n:Person) WHERE n.name="Paul" OR n.surname="Pierce" RETURN n.name as name etc.

but I got back all the people which name is Paul (I had no other Pierce stored but for sure I would have got them to).

I just want to find the right way to search for THAT person whose name AND surname are the ones passed inside the



Anonymous Asked question May 14, 2021