I’m running python v3 function app and it contains multiple functions with different bindings(cosmos, blob, http etc). I’m trying to get the details of this function app in application insights like no of request, exception raised during execution or number of request per function app and per function etc. I’m able to run and get few details like request count. Now I’m trying to map request details with other tables like exceptions, request etc but not able to map and drill down to the particular function.

For e.g Let suppose I have 10 function in function app and they run one after another based on output of previous function. Let say in any case flow got failed at any function. Now I want at which step/function my function app failed, details of error, successful and unsuccessful flow completion of function app

Below are the some query I have used for monitoring purpose.

  1. Request on first function to get the total number of request counts for function app.
| where timestamp > ago(1d)
| where operation_Name =~ "function name"
| summarize RequestsCount=sum(itemCount) by cloud_RoleName,bin(timestamp,1d)
  1. Request and Average Duration of functions
| summarize RequestsCount=sum(itemCount), AverageDuration=avg(duration) by operation_Name
| order by RequestsCount desc
Anonymous Asked question May 13, 2021