I have the sql id of a query. Now I want to get the machine name and IP of the machine from which this query was run.

I have already checked the sql id in VSESSION and VACTIVE_SESSION_HISTORY but didn’t get any results.

I am able to find the sql id in vsql and LAST_LOAD_TIME is today(7 July 2016).<!-- /wp:paragraph -->  <!-- wp:codemirror-blocks/code-block {"showPanel":false,"languageLabel":"no","mode":"clike","mime":"text\/x-c++src"} --> 			<div class="wp-block-codemirror-blocks-code-block code-block"><pre>select LAST_LOAD_TIME from vsql where SQL_ID=’0jf4618m2u7aw’ order by LAST_LOAD_TIME desc; 2016-07-04/17:26:02 2016-07-04/17:26:02 select * from VSESSION where SQL_ID='0jf4618m2u7aw'; no rows selected  select * from VACTIVE_SESSION_HISTORY where SQL_ID=’0jf4618m2u7aw’; no rows selected

Please help. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous Asked question May 13, 2021