I have a data table like this: enter image description here

As you can see my data table has multiple companys that I want to aggregate. It all works fine but on CPL field i have the already calculated medium (cost/leads).

Whenever I try to add CPL to the Metrics, my data becomes a "mess" cause it shows me the (SUM) of all CPL values for the same company or the (AVG) of the (Number of times the company name appears / SUM of CPL).

I’ve tried to do this multiple times including the calculated fields but wasan’t able to make this work fine.

I’ve also tried adding CPL as a dimension but it splits the Account names just like my datsheet making the data view useless.

At this point, I need to show the CPL from each company. Considering I have thousands of lines.

Is there a way to add CPL as a metric or dimension without losing the data aggregation?

I’ve also gave a try to this on Excel Pivot Tables, but the result was the same as shown on GDS:

excel pivot table

Anonymous Asked question May 14, 2021