QA : Question answer raaabnits

ask and answer | learn and let learn- you are also part of this online community. you can ask your queries here and the guy interested in your question or some experts from the same field as the question will give an answer. you can select the answer, vote the answer, subscribe to the question.

Not only ask but also answer others’ questions. you can vote the question too.

what you will get from this?

  • connect with people with similar interests
  • knowledge and experience sharing
  • make your profile
  • you will get points for questions, answers, and upvotes
  • chance to work with us
  • other unlisted benefits*

How to ask a question?

create an account if you don’t already have one. Click on the ‘ask question’ button. Login with correct credentials. give a suitable heading for your question within 100 letters. Choose a suitable category from the dropdown menu. Put your question with a proper description in the description box. Type some suitable tags in the tag area. Then verify with reCAPTCHA and submit.

How to answer a question?

create an account if you don’t already have one and log in. select a question or search a question from the home page. type your answer there (you can insert codes for programs too). and press submit.

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