why should you learn Go Programming language

Every day, thousands of new libraries are created, billions of lines of codes are written, millions of programs are compiled in hundreds of programming languages all around the globe. Many programming languages are designed and developing every day to help developers or programmers for ease of their task, for creating something valuable in a shorter time. One of the new and popular programming language is ‘GO’ lang. Regardless of being new in the market, it earned huge popularity among developers.

what is Go Language?

Go is an open-source programming language, designed at Google by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson. Golang is Initially released on 28th March 2012. GO is syntactically similar to c and c++ and it is designed to make it easy to develop simple, reliable, and efficient software. The official website is https://golang.org/

Why should you learn it?

  1. fast compilation and execution +
  2. simple +
  3. Go Routines +
  4. Garbage collection +
  5. addition in data structure +
  6. user-friendly +
  7. scalability +
  8. runs directly on hardware +
  9. designed and maintained by GOOGLE +

Fast Compilation and Execution: Golang combines the development speed and performance of languages like c,c++ and python. Golang has advanced dependency management which reduces compilation time. It mainly focuses on reducing development time for any software, which is gained by reducing compilation time. It uses the positive point of c and c++ by reducing execution time.

Simple: Go needs small time and effort to transform a GO noob to an expert. The syntax is very simple to learn as it comes with a text-based approach. simple to understand the code. flexibility and simplicity are assured due to its clear syntax structure throughout the coding. There are no classes, no constructors, no annotations, no generics and does not even support inheritance. Only packages are there for such a division. 

Go Routines:  Golang has goroutine for concurrent execution.  Most of the data centers and systems run on multi-core processors. We can expect every system will be of the multicore processors for faster execution in the near future using multithreading. Most of the modern programming languages come with multithreading but the real problems arise when concurrent execution, threading-locking, race conditions, and deadlocks come into play.  Creating a new thread in java requires almost 1MB of heap memory, making unfavorable for thousands of concurrent execution. whereas Go uses goroutine in the place of thread which requires almost 2KB of heap memory which makes it suitable for executing thousands concurrently.

Garbage collection:  GoLang accurately identifies and removes unused objects which decrease the developer load of freeing allocated memory and all. Save development time and cost. It also gears up the execution speed.

Additional data structure: Data structure like String and Map is the inbuilt feature of GoLang.

User Friendly: GoLang is easy to learn, easy to understand, easy to maintain as text-based code is written and has a clear syntax structure. tutorial and documentation are enough concise, compact and small. Removing class, inheritance concepts makes it easier to learn. Being a cross-platform language it helps programmer to cross-compile the code very easily. It also has superior error handling mechanisms.

Scalability: Goroutines makes GoLang scalable. Having lightweight computation threads it can grow and shrink stack size on demand. Accurate usage of memory utilization makes application scalable.

Runs directly on hardware: Go is a compiled language like C or C++ so they do not run on virtual machines unlike in JAVA. It directly creates binaries from human-readable code and runs on the underlying hardware.  This increases performance in the time of compilation as well as execution. 

Designed and Maintained by GOOGLE: It might not be a technical cause for learning GoLang. Google has one of the largest cloud structures in the world. In terms of scalability and effectiveness, it will be better to use their cloud than creating own servers.

If you think there are more reasons to learn GoLang, then let me know in the comment section.

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