Why you need social science over science?

Let’s be in pandoora Land.

In Pandoora Land, you can have free bread if you have Pandora Token. Tokens are not free. If you can show something Good you have done you will get paid in Tokens. But the catch is, no such mechanism exists to verify if The Good is actually good, or to verify if The Good is actually done.

Ethics, Pandoora Land does not follow Darwin evolution theory, as a result, there is no typical human qualities like arrogance, deception, delusion, dishonesty, ego, envy, greed, hatred, immorality, lying, selfishness, unreliability, violence etc. Ethics, ethical, non-ethical kind of words doesn’t exists there. Everything is Good, atleast seems to be from a top level view.

Dimensions, Pandoora Land doesnot have a top level view, has only length and breadth. Only from outside of the P. Land one can observe the top level view. It is observed that, Pandoora beings can only move in certain directions with lesser degree of randomness in change in angle of direction change.

A parallel world called Pandooora, exists with same degree of conciousness. A being travelled from Pandooora to Pandoora and vice versa. No one in Pandooora believed her. She is executed for misleading information.

On earth, an experiment was being conducted. A closed glass sphere is filled with soil, rocks, water and some little plants kept in sun for a millions of years. It’s still fresh like it was in the very first day, everything else on has changed, like a uniform density of layer is formed at a certain height from the core. started with very hard rocks, rocks, soil, mud, water, heavy gases, light gases. only the glass sphere is the exception. In pandoora, same experiment conducted by constructing a circle with a moving dot inside it. The dot is being reflected back from cicum of the circle for a infinitely.

There is no specific answer.

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